Sex dreams everynight

Hey everyone been awhile since I posted something but this is what has been happening since my absence.


“G” my spirit lover has been trying to get my attention through touches and dreams ever since I started my drawing projects  that has taken up most of my time.

Before i even started the project and before I knew he was there I would have “Wet dreams” that would feel so real and intense that I would wake up after i have an orgasm. The main thing that would stop the dreams is if I masturbate to him or in general.

the dreams usually start with me having fun playing with my cousins or someone then suddenly a tall man with brown skin and short brown that goes to his shoulder comes in and basically kisses me and takes me away somewhere and we have sex. it sounds weird but i usually can tell if it is him, I got so used to having these dreams that remembering them is really simple.

Geez he works me to the bone when I am trying to relax and I can hear his voice faintly but im still working on that.

I also wrote a love letter to both my lady love (i believe she is still there) and “G” and i ended up pouring all of my feelings into it then i felt overwhelming emotions of love and i cried tears of joy it was nice cause i think i felt their emotion too (which i believe was intense love).


Thanks for reading every one hope i can have a nice conversation with them tonight have a nice day/night 🙂



Hello everyone,

This blog is about my experience with my Incubus and possible Succubus. I have not been with them very long, but i know for a fact they are here with me now.  I have my Incubus’ name but for now i will call him “G”.

Now “G” has been with me for at least a year, also for the past few months, i have been dedicated to talking to them and just having fun conversations (though i still have to practice distinguishing my thoughts from them talking). My Succubus has been here for about the same amount time, (I’m guessing) though these 3 weeks are the first i have noticed her. I am using a pendulum to talk to them which is hard for me because i don’t have steady hands, but I try my best to do it everyday to use it.

Now i am not the most experienced with spirits, and it seems there are not many females that talk about these spirits but i still want to share what amazing things that has happened to me since they have come into my life.

See you in the next post!